Fact Sheet | 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil | Aggreko

Aggreko is the Official Power Supplier to 2014 FIFA World Cup™

As world leader, Aggreko has been delivering temporary power and temperature control solutions for over 50 years. Due to Aggreko’s substantial experience and impeccable reputation in service delivery excellence, Aggreko was chosen to provide rental solutions to 2014 FIFA World Cup™.  The contract sees Aggreko provide power and temperature control services across the 12 host cities as well as to the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) located in Rio de Janeiro’s Riocentro, the largest exhibition centre in Latin America.

With a cumulative global audience of billions looking to tune into the live matches, and millions of sponsorship dollars invested, uninterrupted broadcasting is critical for the success of mega sporting events such as FIFA World Cup™.  Accordingly, the heat-sensitive equipment used to broadcast sport events live is dependent on constant and reliable power and temperature control solutions.  

Aggreko has extensive experience of working with broadcast centres for many global events and fully understands the specific requirements to ensure smooth transmission. The solution designed for 2014 FIFA World Cup™ has been put together by a team of experienced Aggreko experts, guarantying the uninterrupted broadcast of each and every match.

Facts and Figures

  • Aggreko has extensive experience of providing solutions to some of the world’s most iconic sport events, including nine Olympic Games (Winter and Summer editions), five FIFA World Cups and a number of Formula One races
  • A total of 50 MW will be provided for the event – enough to power around 50,000 homes
  • Aggreko’s power generators are contained in various sizes and powers that allow it to be easily easy moved, effective installation and smart space management. For 2014 FIFA World Cup™, up to 72 generators will be supplied
  • A total of 150 kilometers (93 miles) of cable and a thousand distribution panels will be used for the effective delivery of solutions  
  • There will be around 100 technicians involved with the installation and delivery of Aggreko´s solutions
  • Aggreko will be providing power and temperature control solutions
  • Aggreko will be introducing sophisticated remote monitoring system that facilitates the real-time control of all main distribution panels (MDP) installed, which leads to improved efficiencies

Power supply

  • There are two main power applications Aggreko will be supporting with.  These are:
    - Technical power – Refers to the interim power that Aggreko will be providing to the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Riocentro as well as the interim broadcast compound set-ups at each of the 12 stadiums.
    - Domestic power – Refers to the interim back-up power Aggreko will be providing Brazil’s national utility to ensure contingency power to the IBC.
  • Aggreko will provide primary and technical backup power for the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), located in Rio de Janeiro’s Riocentro as well as technical power to the tournament’s 12 stadiums.
  • The rental experts will install 6 MW of critical power to all broadcast equipment at the IBC – the equivalent power needed for lighting 6,000 homes.
  • Aggreko will be the sole power provider of the tournament’s LED screens at the stadiums.
  • Aggreko is providing 4 MW of domestic power as back-up to Brazil’s national utility company, ensuring the constant availability of basic and critical services at Riocentro.


  • Aggreko will be providing solutions to each one of the tournament’s 12 host city interim broadcast compounds, located within 200 meters of the main stadiums.
  • Aggreko is well known for its diligent auditing of equipment before and during power delivery. All equipment is run through a thorough stress-test two days before going live.  During delivery, equipment is checked every hour, 24/7.
  • Broadcast equipment is heat sensitive, and prone to overheating, reaching temperatures of 60 º C and thus significantly jeopardising the quality of broadcast.  Aggreko will be providing temperature control (TC) solutions that will maintain equipment at 22 º C, the threshold to ensure uninterrupted broadcast.
  • Aggreko’s temperature control solution will also provide climate control inside the IBC, ensuring broadcast crews’ absolute comfort as they report on tournament’s action.
  • Aggreko has designed a comprehensive remote monitoring solution that provides real-time checks, diagnostic reporting and alerts, allowing for immediate action in the event of a potential glitch. Aggreko will be providing this technology across all its MPDs in the 12 host cities.


  • Aggreko engineers are highly qualified and experienced in designing and delivering solutions to mega sporting events around the world.  The team charged with designing the power and temperature control solution for 2014 FIFA World Cup™, have a collective experience of 20 years.
  • Around 100 technicians will be delivering 24/7 temporary power and temperature control solutions during the 30 day tournament.