IBC | 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil | Aggreko

Powering the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ International Broadcast Centre

Perhaps one of the most important structures of any World Cup tournament is the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) - the media hub for hundreds of journalists and broadcast stations.  With a cumulative global audience for the live matches of billions, and millions of dollars’ worth of investment from keen and demanding sponsors, the IBC cannot afford any kind of system failure. For this reason, the availability of constant and reliable power and temperature control solutions is critical to the successful delivery of quality, live broadcast.

Facts and Figures

  • Aggreko will be supplying additional technical backup power the IBC which will be located in Rio de Janeiro’s Riocentro, Latin America’s largest conference facility.
  • The IBC will occupy a total of three pavilions, which means a total space of 40,000 square metres.
  • The IBC will be operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from mid-May.
  • Aside from the main IBC in Riocentro, Aggreko will be providing solutions to the interim broadcast compound set-ups at each of the 12 stadiums.
  • Broadcast equipment is heat sensitive, and prone to overheating, reaching temperatures of 60 º C and thus significantly jeopardising the quality of broadcast.  Aggreko will be providing temperatures control (TC) solutions that will maintain equipment at 22 º C, the threshold to ensure optimal broadcast.
  • Aggreko’s temperature control solution will also provide climate control inside the IBC, ensuring broadcast crews’ absolute comfort as they report on tournament’s action.
  • The TC solution consists of four chillers with the capacity of 250 tons of refrigeration (TR) each, equating to a total of 1,000 TR.

Power supply

  • There are two main power applications Aggreko will be supporting with.  These are:
    - Technical power – Refers to the interim power that Aggreko will be providing to the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Riocentro as well as the interim broadcast compound set-ups at each of the 12 stadiums.
    - Domestic power – Refers to the interim back-up power Aggreko will be providing Brazil’s national utility to ensure contingency power to the IBC.
  • Aggreko will provide primary and technical backup power for the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), located in Rio de Janeiro’s Riocentro as well as technical power to the tournament’s 12 stadiums.
  • The rental experts will install 6 MW of critical power to all broadcast equipment at the IBC – the equivalent power needed for lighting 6,000 homes.
  • Aggreko will be the sole power provider of the tournament’s LED screens at the stadiums.
  • Aggreko is providing 4 MW of domestic power as back-up to Brazil’s national utility company, ensuring the constant availability of basic and critical services at Riocentro.