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Culture and Benefits

With over 6000 people employed by Aggreko worldwide, our culture and benefits are key elements helping to make Aggreko the world leader it is today. Our culture is highly customer-focused and phrases such as ‘can-do’ and ‘action-centred’ capture the spirit that is Aggreko.

Our values can be summarised in three ways:

First, we believe that in a service business, it is the quality, commitment, motivation, integrity, energy and enthusiasm of people that makes the difference between being good and being great.

Second, our business by its nature involves thousands of short-term transactions. Given this volume and tight time-scales, we have to be extremely efficient in everything we do. We also have to be flexible and tenacious as we face up to unexpected and unplanned demands from our customers.

Third, whilst we are required to mobilise people rapidly, we also believe in being well organised, safe and methodical. We have a deep knowledge of equipment, customers and processes.

The passion, pride and performance that Aggreko people provide day in, day out derives from the emergency nature of our business. We help people and businesses to recover from, or to avoid, serious disruption and as our work is mission-critical our values and beliefs reflect this by -Being responsive to our customers needs

Our people react quickly, get the job done professionally and safely and respond superbly in a crisis.

People development being at the heart of our global human resources strategy.  Each part of the business has training programmes in place to ensure our employees have the necessary skills to perform their jobs to a high level.  

Our benefit plans are aligned with our business goals and take account of local conditions across the world.

Reward our people at market rates – taking the market median for base pay – and ensure our bonus schemes deliver upper quartile pay for upper quartile performance.

There is real pride in working for Aggreko. Jobs are varied, exciting and fun. Above all, people pull together to get the job done, worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Since 2008, we have trained over 900 people in continuous improvement techniques.

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