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Area General Manager

10 Years with Aggreko

I joined Aggreko in late 2000 from BAE Systems Marine, where I held the position of Commercial Bid Manager. My career with Aggreko began as Marketing Manager before managing the European Marketing function in August 2003. In February 2004, I transferred into an operational role as Area General Manager, where I remain today.

Entrepreneurial Culture

When I joined Aggreko, my first impressions were of an extremely entrepreneurial culture, particularly for a public limited company. The 24-hour nature of the business and the fact that it still retained the cultural traits instilled by the two founder owners made it an exciting and rewarding place to work. The last two years have been a challenging time for the business with the introduction of a new operating model and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. However, the dynamic nature of the business certainly remains as does the team spirit and drive that it creates.

Area General Manager

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