XX Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

XX Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014, United Kingdom


Glasgow 2014 Ltd., the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the XX Commonwealth Games (CWG), began preparing more than six years in advance. With 71 nations and territories represented through the 6,500 competing athletes and an expected combined global audience of 1.5 billion, the Games promised to put Glasgow on the global stage of mega sporting events.

Planning included extensive construction projects and major stadium refurbishments, ensuring the local community would benefit from hosting the Games for years to come. While the infrastructure was in place to support critical services such as power and temperature control in the long term, the additional demands created by the Games required the support of a reliable temporary solutions provider.

There were three separate contracts up for public tender, to which Aggreko was invited to.

  • Contract from the LOC for power and temperature control (TC) for CWG 23 venues
  • Contract from the LOC for power and TC for the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and host broadcaster SVGTV
  • Contract from Glasgow City Council for a halo event requiring power for ‘Glasgow Green Live’

The contract awards were announced in October 2013, after a four month deliberation processes. With the agreements signed in December, Aggreko, who were successful in winning all three projects, began working with the customer six months before the event.

Aggreko solution

With just six months to prepare after the contract was finalised, speed was of the essence and the customer counted on Aggreko’s extensive experience of providing reliable solutions to mega events around the world as well as their ability to set up swiftly and seamlessly.

The successful delivery of temporary power and TC solutions relies heavily on establishing communication channels with the right experts early on, ensuring all key elements such as security, sanitation, catering and broadcasting are all factored in at the early design stage.

Aggreko pulled together a team of 180, including design engineers, electrical technicians and venue managers to design and execute the temporary solutions. Being locally based, the customer was able to benefit from access to Aggreko’s state of the art manufacturing centre, as well as international expertise brought in from the Middle East, Australia, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Norway among others.

Aggreko provided a total of 37 MW power and 3 MW TC, distributed through 1,100 panels and 230km of cable.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Aggreko is well known in the industry as an expert provider of temporary solutions to some of the world’s most iconic sporting events. Having earned a reputation for excellent service delivery for events such as the Olympics, FIFA World CupTM and Ryder Cup to name but a few, Aggreko was adjudged after a public tender process to be best positioned to manage the rather complex power and TC requirements.

With a very short time frame to set up, the customer needed to rely on providers who had a proven ability to execute work swiftly and safely, so an impeccable track record was key.

Having the right team was another deciding factor. Aggreko was able to put together a team of 180 quickly, drawing from locally and internationally based experts with extensive industry experience, not to mention the additional value of being able to benefit from the rental company’s locally based £22 million manufacturing centre, where much of Aggreko’s innovation stems from.

Aggreko is also well known for going the extra mile. Time after time they have demonstrated their ability to find solutions no matter the challenge. As an example, for the London 2012 Olympics Games, primary power was needed for a location that had limited space availability as well as being bound by strict noise pollution regulations. To address the space issues and ensure that the customer stayed compliant, Aggreko set up a 12 MW power package on two barges on the River Lea, adjacent to the stadium.

This ability to deliver beyond the norm was important for the customer who anticipated challenges considering the tight deadlines providers were bound to. True to form, Aggreko proved their worth when the customer identified the need to power the floodlight for Finnieston Crane, a major local landmark, the day before the opening ceremony.

Aggreko were called in to provide a solution and within eight hours, the floodlights had the required power to be switched on.

Key facts and figures

30 MW power for 23 venues (Primary and back up):

  • Primary:
    • Opening and closing ceremonies
    • Medical centre
    • Security
    • Ticket and scanning
    • Catering
    • IBC – primary & back-up
  • Back-up:
    • Field of Play (FOP)
    • Scoring

2 MW TC for three venues:

  • Basketball 
  • Netball
  • Table tennis


  • 4 MW power for 17 venues
  • 1 MW TC:
    • Broadcast centre
    • UPS

Glasgow Greens Live (Halo Event):

  • 3 MW power for 13 day event:
    • Main stage
    • Several LCD screens
    • Scotland food village
    • Sponsors area

    I’ve worked with Aggreko on a number of high profile sports events. All these projects were very different with different countries and different teams but Aggreko always provided worldclass services. When delivering such high profile projects, having Aggreko on your side provides a high level of confidence.

    Hervé Rey, Head of Overlay, Glasgow 2014 Ltd.