Aggreko powers and cools a data centre

Aggreko powers and cools mission-critical data centre

The Customer Challenge

Keeping a data centre up and running is serious business. After all, the stakes are high. For one facility that processes major commercial and retail transactions, an estimated $200 million of loss would occur for every 10 minutes of system downtime. Even a brief failure can make national news.

When the company began construction of a new data centre, it required temporary cooling and power for its existing facility along with an extremely high level of redundancy and foolproof contingency plans to ensure the non-stop availability of its systems. Aggreko was their choice to make it all happen.

The Aggreko Solution

Because of the project’s critical and high-profile nature, teams from Aggreko Cooling Tower Services and Aggreko Process Services worked together to design and run the project.

Aggreko proposed a system that included 3 chiller rentals, 3 cooling tower rentals, and 3 generator rentals. A complete standby system was also set up onsite so that in the event of an equipment failure, Aggreko could change out any piece of equipment in a matter of minutes.

The Benefit to the Customer

Thanks to Aggreko’s in-depth expertise and equipment reliability, plus the careful planning and teamwork among diverse Aggreko teams, the data centre’s operations continued uninterrupted throughout the project.