95 MW Myanmar | Aggreko

95 MW powering through the dry season, Myanmar


Government authorities in Myanmar are focused on developing the country’s infrastructure and increasing its power generation capacity to support its economic growth.  The onset of the dry season from October to May, coupled with the country’s dependency on hydropower (over 70%) presented significant challenges to the authorities plans for growth.

Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE), a department of the country’s Ministry of Electric Power, sought an experienced power provider who could install and run an interim power station during the dry season and beyond.

Power was needed to support local community needs, with specific examples including schools undergoing exam periods and critical businesses such as one of the country’s largest steel mills, undergoing significant expansion plans. Without a reliable power source for six months of the year, the district’s development plans would be severely compromised.


The customer required 95 MW of interim power to be installed in the Myingyan district quickly and safely.

Aggreko took only 120 days to deliver the project. An impressive achievement considering the logistical challenges associated with sourcing and transporting equipment via sea, land and air freight from no less than 12 locations around the globe. Aggreko’s logistics team ensured equipment was cleared through customs and transported through difficult terrain with undeveloped infrastructure, to arrive on site in a timely manner.  

Once on site, the equipment took a mere 42 days to commission. The power solution included the installation of 92 generators, 2 x 11/132 kV, 60 MVA transformers, gas insulated switchgear and a 132 kV switch bay including air insulated switchgear. To enable the project, a 6 km long 132 kV transmission line was built in conjunction with a new incoming switch bay at the Myingyan substation.

With the availability of local natural gas from the China-Myanmar pipeline, Aggreko worked with the customer to set up a high-pressure gas reduction facility, allowing gas to be captured and optimised for use as an efficient fuel source.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Aggreko won the tender after a competitive bid, based on their strong reputation and ability to develop a solution based on the complexity of the project.  Having successfully set-up two previous power projects in Myanmar, and with a 50 year international reputation behind them, the customer was confident in Aggreko’s ability to provide a reliable and constant power supply to a district that would normally experience intermittent power failure during the dry season.

Aside from guaranteeing a reliable power solution, it was important for the customer to partner-up with a provider who could work with them to implement an effective knowledge transfer programme in an effort to up-skill the local workforce.  Working with local communities while implementing the highest global standards is something Aggreko is renowned for.  At the 95 MW Myingyan site, 77 per cent of the workforce are from Myanmar, ensuring the customer’s specific need to build capability is met, and supporting the flow of the economy through local job creation.

We chose Aggreko because of their extensive and proven experience in running large interim power projects as well as the ability to bring their high standards into a local setting. We wanted to work with a provider with a strong reputation where reliability is guaranteed, but who could also work with us to ensure use of local talent and support a programme of skill transfer.  We are committed to helping local communities benefit from the opportunities presented by the development of infrastructure, and with Aggreko this has certainly been possible as 77 per cent of the work force at the Myingyan temporary power site are Myanmar people.

U Htein Lwin, Managing Director, Myanmar Electrical Power Enterprise