Power in sports broadcasting
Alimentarea evenimentelor de clasă mondială

Reliable power in sports broadcasting: priceless

With global sport broadcasting rights worth an approximate £17 billion and continuing to rise year on year, the value of reliable broadcasting power and temperature control technology is ‘mission critical’ to major events.  

Whether it’s a major international event, like the summer and winter Olympics or FIFA World Cup, or a golf tournament broadcast on national networks, millions if not billions of viewers expect an undisrupted service.

Whilst global viewing and the internet have made the world smaller, this has facilitated international growth within the sports events industry.

Unplanned disruptions can be catastrophic, especially if the issue is not resolved instantly. Contingency planning for any eventuality is key to minimising downtime, which inevitably affects the enjoyment of spectators and global viewers, the experience of corporate partners and VIPs, potentially even the exposure received by advertisers and the performance of the sportsmen and women themselves.

We know from experience that no two events are the same, and each one requires a different power solution. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Indeed, the most complex challenges often arise once the event is underway, so having experienced engineers on the ground is a must.

When we plan an event, we focus on pre-empting possible issues and creating flexibility in the way we deliver power. It’s important to be involved in the planning process from the very beginning to help identify and consult on these issues as early as possible.