01 August 2016

Aggreko partners with Bowman Power Group

Aggreko partners with Bowman Power Group to develop industry-leading rental power generation solutions.

Aggreko has announced a strategic partnership with UK based Bowman Power Group, a leading provider of energy efficiency technology for the power generation industry.

Bowman Power Group’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) system delivers a step change in the efficiency of reciprocating engines, by recovering waste heat energy from the engine exhaust, and converting it to useful power. Despite a global drop in diesel prices, the efficiency gains are such that customers can achieve return on investment in short timescales.

In 2014 Aggreko began a technology evaluation project with Bowman, to assess the effectiveness of ETC combined with the Cummins KTA50-G3, the core engine in the Aggreko rental fleet. Initial trials demonstrated a 4% additional power output and 5% improved fuel consumption.

This led to the agreement of a formal programme to further explore Bowman’s ETC system. The partnership also directly supports Aggreko’s business priorities of technology leadership, product innovation, and increased benefit to customers.

Dr Toby King, CEO, Bowman Power Group,

“We are delighted to announce this partnership, which is a major milestone for Bowman, and further validation of our technology. Our companies are working together to develop the highest-efficiency power generation package in the industry, which could offer a significant benefit to Aggreko customers.”

Chris Weston, CEO, Aggreko,

“This partnership demonstrates Aggreko’s pursuit of innovation in our product strategy, and ongoing commitment to provide world-leading power solutions to our customers. We are looking forward to partnering with Bowman to further evaluate and develop a high-efficiency rental solution. Our work together so far has shown great promise.”

About Bowman Power Group

Bowman Power Group’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology recovers waste energy from the exhaust of reciprocating gensets and converts it to grid quality electricity.

Over 700 ETC systems have been sold to OEMs, independent power producers (IPPs) and power rental companies worldwide. Bowman’s customers have generated over 400GWh of free energy using ETC, saved over $50m in fuel costs, and reduced CO2   emissions by more than 160,000 tonnes.

Cummins, Wärtsilä, Burkhardt, Schnell, Sewatama and Pacific Energy have all used Bowman’s award-winning ETC system to improve genset efficiency; reducing fuel consumption or generating additional power. Bowman is supported by a number of leading investment companies, including Octopus Investments, Ombu Group, Fjord and BOOST&Co. The company is based in Southampton and employs 80 staff.


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