Aggreko set record for additional 100MW

Aggreko set record for additional 100MW

Just 40 days after signing a contract with the Bangladesh government, Aggreko is to add an additional 100 megawatts of temporary power to the existing project, setting a record for implementation of such a project in the country.

Most of the 11 other companies who agreed rental power deals with the Bangladesh government in last two months have not even started mobilising plant equipment.

PDB (Power Development Board) sources said:
"most of them are buying time to purchase power plant equipment now, but as rental power companies, they were supposed to possess such equipment prior to initialling the contracts..."

During April, Aggreko commissioned two 100 MW diesel powered interim power plants - one in Ghorashal and another in Khulna, with the final contract signed on May 20.
“Now they (Aggreko) have mobilised equipment both at Ghorashal and Khulna sites and started partial operation at both the sites to generate 100 MW power from today or tomorrow,”  said a PDB source.

“This means Aggreko will set an example of launching a power plant within 40 days of signing contracts.”

Aggreko will begin generation of the remaining 100 MW in early August.

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