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Aggreko Solutions Provides Green Power for the Red Carpet At The 59th Primetime Emmy Awards

Released:  October 2007

The 59th Primetime Emmy Awards, in association with FOX Broadcasting Company, teamed up with Aggreko, the global leader in rental power, temperature control and oil-free compressed air solutions, to power a “green” red carpet at this year’s event.  As part of the “Green with Emmy” campaign, aimed at creating an eco-friendly and carbon neutral production, Aggreko provided a range of energy-efficient solutions including alternative fuel and solar power distribution.
"Aggreko has provided electricity to FOX stages for over 10 years and has a great reputation for providing reliable power,” said Joshua Mark, Executive Director, Special Event Production Creative Services for FOX Broadcasting Company.  “As part of our commitment to become a carbon neutral company by 2010, for the past year we worked with Aggreko to explore the possibilities of eliminating carbon emissions. To produce an environmentally safer production, we wanted to find the most energy efficient way to supply power to the red carpet."  Aggreko supplied generators with EPA-certified engines and emission control technology while using a bio-diesel blend as the fuel source.  The generators provided power for the world-broadcast of the Primetime Emmy Red Carpet activities and press tent.  

In another unprecedented initiative, FOX installed a solar panel canopy – a UNI-SOLAR® 12.5 KW Solar PV System * – over the Primetime Emmy Red Carpet grandstand to supplement the power for the red carpet area.  The solar panel system was tied into the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) utility grid and reduced the amount of power FOX required from generators and the LADWP.  Aggreko incorporated a distribution system to transfer solar energy from the array throughout the star-studded red carpet area. "We are very excited about our ongoing partnership with FOX Broadcasting Company," said Kevin Coats, Aggreko National Manager for Film and Television. "We understand their desire to become carbon neutral and are committed to working with them to achieve that goal.”"To minimize the impact on the environment, we are utilizing the best available emission-control technology and using the highest degree of bio-diesel available, provided by SC Fuels," continued Mr. Coats.  "We are also packaging this in an easy-to-use form for our customers.  Aggreko has always been the industry leader in innovation, from our first Greenpower generator to our spill-proof EnviroTanks.  We intend to continue our commitment to the environment by seeking alternative, greener approaches to providing temporary utilities."

Aggreko is constantly exploring new ways of reducing emissions and has recently developed a new temporary power solution using natural gas.

* See: www.uni-solar.com


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