Environmentally Friendly Power at Mardi Gras

Aggreko Solutions Contribute To Environmentally Friendly Power Generation at Mardi Gras

Released: May 2007

This year’s Mardi Gras in San Diego was an innovative, eco-friendly affair thanks to a partnership between Aggreko, the world’s leading supplier of temporary power, temperature control and compressed air systems, and the California city’s historic Gaslamp Quarter Association.

At the Association’s request, Aggreko used alternative fuel for the temporary generators it used to power this year’s festivities: biodiesel created from cooking oil waste collected from the Gaslamp Quarter’s many restaurants.

“We wanted to explore ways to make our event environmentally safer and more responsible,” said Jimmy Parker, Executive Director of the Gaslamp Quarter Association. “We had the perfect supplier in Aggreko: they not only knew the needs of the event, they truly understood our desire to make our Mardi Gras green.” The biodiesel, supplied by New Leaf Biofuel, was a perfect environmental “win-win” added Mr. Parker: “Instead of the cooking oil going back into the environment, it was recycled into fuel.”

The Gaslamp Quarter, with its unique mix of shops, restaurants sidewalk cafes and late-night clubs, hosts several popular outdoor festivals throughout the year. “The Mardi Gras event brought in over 20,000 visitors and was a huge success,” said Mr. Parker. “We are proud of our relationship with Aggreko and plan on partnering with them on Mardi Gras and other events for years to come.”

“We were happy to work with the Gaslamp Quarter Association in their efforts to conserve the environment, both in recycling a waste product and decreasing carbon emissions from our engines,” said Huey Bourque, Director of Aggreko’s Environmental Health, and Safety Department. “At Aggreko, it is our goal to minimize the impact on the environment through careful equipment design, from minimizing spills to implementing the latest emission-control technology.

“All of our equipment complies with regulatory and industry standards wherever we operate in the world. Our strong presence in markets which are particularly sensitive to emissions, such as California, means that the control of emissions is at the forefront of our design considerations.”

Many refineries and power plants use rental power-generation or temperature control equipment from Aggreko as a vital part of their efforts to improve productivity while upholding stringent emissions requirements. Aggreko is constantly exploring new ways of reducing emissions and has recently developed a new temporary power solution using natural gas. It is more efficient than conventional fuel solutions because only about 10% of the natural gas produced is lost before final consumption.


About Gaslamp Quarter Association

The Gaslamp Quarter Association (GQA) is a Non-profit 501(c) 6 Business Improvement District representing approximately 400 businesses located in the nationally registered historic district. The GQA is dedicated to promoting and improving the business, economic, social and physical environment of the Gaslamp Quarter.


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