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History of Aggreko Event Services

Since 1989, Aggreko Event Services has specialiszed in providing market-leading electrical power and climate- control solutions with efficient designs that provide an unsurpassed service to our entertainment and events customers. Whether it’s the Olympic Games or a local music festival, a Hollywood film production or a national tour, Aggreko experts deliver local service for all types of events.

In the Beginning

Aggreko entered the event business in in 1987, in the US, with a job for NBC’s “Today” show in Pittsburgh, PA. That started a rush of innovation to further meet the needs of the demanding events industry. At a customer’s request, Aggreko developed the first TwinPack, an uninterruptible, portable generator power system. Then, in 1988, Aggreko developed the quietest movie generator available: the SuperHush.

Finally, in 1989, Aggreko Event Services was born – a separate entity in the Aggreko family. Our mission is to meet the demands of the events industry worldwide and to better help our customers engineer integrated solutions to meet their unique events requirements.


Aggreko has become a supplier of choice tofor the world’s major events industry. Our customers, both big and small, turn to us for three very simple reasons:

  • We help our customers evaluate their needs, undertake their design and engineering, and implement solutions, rather than turning to costly engineering and design firms who don’t understand the unique “temporary” nature of the events business
  • We understand the events business because our people are from the industry. Our team not only boasts many years of direct experience: , but they each have a deep knowledge of a particular part of the industry – be it films, broadcast, touring events, or the world of the Olympics, to name a few
  • We’re different from those companies that merely rent equipment. Not only do we provide our customers with a massive fleet of specialiszed temporary equipment, but we also help engineer and design integrated solutions to meet the specific needs of every event.

Our customers turn to us because they are confident that, at the end of the day, we will work with them to ensure that “failure is not an option.”

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