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Temperature Control fo Events

Aggreko Event Services provides a range of comfort temperature control services that will ensure you can chill out or turn up the heat - whatever temperature is right for your event. For special applications such as air conditioning systems, temperature control for ice rinks, movie special effects, or complete air distribution systems for your event, AES has the expertise.

Air Conditioners

We supply portable air conditioners of virtually any size, allowing you to control temperature differences and fluctuating air control . Units are available with 14 to 42 tons of cooling capacity and can be supplied with a full range of ancillary equipment.


Hush portable air conditioners are quite simply the best in the industry. We offer a wide range of units, from 10 to 30 tons, with 50kW of safe electric heat, twist-lok convenience outlets, internal condensate pumps and a built-in variable speed fan. These units are super-silenced and can be used almost anywhere.


Electric heaters are available from 15 to 225kW and indirect oil-fired heaters are available from 65 to 125kW. Our fume, flame and moisture-free electric heaters can provide temporary heat for any permanent or temporary structure, without the hazards of open flames and carbon monoxide vapours found in some traditional heaters.

Air Handlers

Our air handlers range in size from 5 to 150 tons. They can be used in combination with our chillers to provide effective air conditioning for the duration of your event. These units are ideal for a variety of applications, from special effects in a movie studio to cooling large outdoor tents at sporting events.


Water-cooled and air-cooled containerised chillers, using non-CFC refrigerants, are available in sizes from 10 to 1,000 tons. The units are ideal for a comprehensive range of temperature-control applications, such as the installation of ice rinks and - when used with air handlers - ambient temperature control and air conditioning systems

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