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Support your power projects

Aggreko rental power plants can help to stabilise utility power grids and provide extra energy to support industries and communities that are suffering from intermittent or insufficient power supplies. Our power plants can also be used to support renewable energy projects, which are becoming an increasingly important part of the global energy mix.

We manage all aspects of temporary power plants, from initial assessment and design right through to placing you in control of the power generation. This approach and the reliability of our systems help to keep your power projects running smoothly.

Aggreko temporary power packages can help you to:

  • Supplement the grid
  • Make seasonal peak savings
  • Overcome transmission and distribution limitations
  • Apply back-up power during planned maintenance or unplanned power outages
  • Access the power you need for construction or commissioning.

Why invest in a rental power plant?

Our rental power solutions offer a range of benefits:
  • Rapid availability: Power generation rental equipment is available at short notice. We can deliver and install in the shortest possible timeframe to meet your needs.
  • Turnkey power solutions: Our specialist power project services include everything from the initial assessment of your needs to service backup for your site.
  • Flexibility: The installed capacity of a power rental package can be increased or decreased incrementally and equipment can be rented on a short- or long-term basis. 

Save money by renting power generation equipment

Renting power generation equipment enables you to cut capital expenditure. Power generation rental does not incur any large down payment or interest costs. It preserves a company’s borrowing capacity and frees capital to spend on core activities.

To discuss how we can help, please send us a rental enquiry.