Full life-cycle services for wind farms

Full life-cycle services for wind farms

At Aggreko, we recognise that each stage of wind farm design has unique challenges. With over 50 years experience and an in-depth understanding of the power and temperature control needs of wind farms, you can rely on us to be your partner throughout your wind farm life-cycle.

Aggreko has been working closely with the wind farm industry since its inception, offering support to both onshore and offshore wind farms.

Our experience means that you can rely on us to provide you with the equipment and service you need, no matter what the application.

Your partner for every phase of the wind farm life-cycle:

  • Construction: Aggreko offers generators to pitch the turbine blades on the hub during ground assembly and to protect the nacelles during construction staging or while in storage. We also provide power for construction equipment.
  • Pre-commissioning: Rental power is used to test turbines, ensuring the integrity of all controls. This allows customers to identify any equipment that may have been damaged in transit or during turbine construction.
  • Commissioning: The commissioning phase is vital to getting the wind farm in operation. Our generators and loadbanks allow turbines to be commissioned prior to their connection to the power grid, saving time and money by allowing customers to begin production as soon as the substation is complete. This has an immediate impact on return on investment and is a vital step in becoming eligible for tax incentives. 
  • Post-commissioning: Aggreko can provide low voltage power at the base of each turbine to power ancillary equipment including anti condensation heaters, lighting and the hydraulic pumps to turn the rotor to preventbearing lock up. Alternatively a central high voltage package can power the whole system from one point of connection, keeping the turbines, transformers and switchgear running. 
  • Operation and maintenance: To help ensure a smooth running wind farm, Aggreko offers environmental control packages for blade remediation. We tailor these packages to meet customer’s specific regional and seasonal requirements for managing temperature and dehumidification during blade repair. We also provide power, heating and cooling solutions during planned utility outages and tower maintenance.

Benefits of Aggreko

  • Rapid response: With over 190 service centers worldwide, and the world’s largest fleet of temporary power and temperature control equipment, you will receive the fastest possible service and solutions, whether onshore or offshore.
  • Technical expertise: Aggreko’s experienced technicians and engineers are available to support you in creating cost-effective emergency management, project or environmental management plans.
  • Reliability: With all equipment custom-built for rental applications at Aggreko’s own manufacturing facility in the UK, you can rest assured that no matter where your project is located, the equipment we provide will operate 24/7.
  • Turn-key service: At Aggreko, turn-key service means just that. From assessment of need, site surveys and engineering consultancy to maintenance of power and temperature control equipment and fuel management; let us handle it all. 
  • Flexibility: Your power and temperature control needs will change during the lifecycle of your wind farm, so why purchase equipment which will sit underutilised for much of the time? By renting equipment from Aggreko, you will limit capital expenditure and ensure that you are only paying for the power or temperature control that you actually need.