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Power equipment accessories

At Aggreko, our aim is to ensure that the equipment we supply delivers outstanding performance for power projects. We offer rental equipment for a full range of industrial, commercial and event applications. The quality of our systems and services means that customers can be sure that their electrical power projects will run smoothly.

Greater flexibility and efficiency

Aggreko power equipment accessories offer a high level of flexibility and help to streamline projects. Our team can help you to eliminate surplus power equipment, save space at the work site and generate higher efficiency. Selecting Aggreko power equipment accessories to support the distribution and operation of electric systems can help to optimise the performance of your project.

Hiring power equipment accessories from Aggreko

We have a wide range of rental power equipment accessories to support and enhance your power project. These include:

  • Cable ramps to enable customers to run electricity cables across walkways or roads without interfering with foot traffic or vehicle movements
  • Quad box strings that contain ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles that can reach up to 15 m away from the distribution panel to offer power for appliances, lighting and power tools
  • Cable tees that can tap circuits, thereby reducing the amount of electricity cable required on a work site
  • Synchronisation/load sharing panels to provide these capabilities for small power generators that do not have such modules on board
  • Cable bins to help you organise, store and transport cable, and thus improve on-site storage to help enhance site safety. 
If the success of your project depends on high-quality power equipment accessories, you can rely on Aggreko to deliver the rental systems you need.

For additional information about our power equipment accessories or to find out more about any of our power generation solutions and equipment, please contact us.

Power Equipment and Accesories by Aggreko at Cirque du Soleil

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