Dehumidifier Rentals - industrial air dehumidification


Refrigerative drying works best with a strong temperature differential, which means that refrigerative dehumidifiers are most effective at high ambient temperatures and high humidity. Their effectiveness may be significantly reduced in colder climates.

Industrial Air Dehumidification

Refrigerative Drying or Desiccant Drying

Desiccant dehumidifiers are custom-manufactured with an internal silica-gel wheel. This wheel simultaneously absorbs water vapour in one section of the wheel, while the silicate is being regenerated (dewatered) in another section. When available electrical power is limited, these dehumidifiers can be engineered to be regenerated by heating with natural gas, propane or steam.

These units have been successfully applied in numerous applications including:

  • Manufacturing and construction, for reducing the drying time of wet concrete, speeding up painting and coating operations, or minimising corrosion
  • Process applications, such as stabilising or preserving food products
  • Restoration of buildings and manufacturing facilities after flood damage.

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