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There are so many reasons to consider a career at Aggreko.

From our culture to our focus on development and sustainability, people join Aggreko for all sorts of reasons.

Colleagues’ top three reasons to join

We deliver energy solutions so communities can thrive and businesses can grow. Every project – even the tiny ones – makes a difference to people’s lives. 

We bring joy to families in the winter months when we provide the cooling for their city’s ice rink. 

We delight music and sports fans by powering incredible festivals and events. 

We keep hospitals running – and patients cared for – by providing sterilisation steam while their plantrooms are being upgraded. 

And we keep factories operating – and employing people – when power outages mean they would otherwise have to close. 

At Aggreko, no two days are the same. This is partly down to the work we do for customers which sets our pace, and how we’re structured.

Although some of our customers agree long-term contracts far in advance, others need urgent support and need us to respond quickly. That sets the pace for how we work internally, and not just in sales and operations. We are a company that takes decisions quickly and moves fast.

We’re a relatively small company with a flat organisational structure. This means you can get involved with projects that aren’t directly related to your job, which is a great way to learn about the wider company, develop your skills, and broaden your experience.

Because we serve customers in every continent, we’re a truly global company. This creates opportunities for travel – on both short and longer-term assignments – and the chance to work with colleagues in countries that you may not know much about. 

If you want to travel, we have a worldwide calendar of sporting events. Many of our technicians have travelled international to support projects such as the Olympics and Sail GP. And we have colleagues in every function – from sales to operations, Finance to HR – who have worked abroad too. Because you’re never far from an Aggreko office or depot. 

And even if you don’t travel, you’ll be part of a global team. Your technical trainer might be visiting you from Dubai or Argentina. Or you could be working on a project team with colleagues from Scotland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Singapore. 

Our culture

We’re proud of the culture we’ve nurtured that helps us deliver for customers, colleagues and communities.

We have four values that help us to reinforce this culture.

Careers and development

Grow your career at Aggreko by taking advantage of our investment in skills and our approach to nurturing talent.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We encourage everyone to be themselves at work because we know that’s how we do our best. 

Safety and wellbeing

We’re committed to keeping our teams, customers and communities safe. It’s our number one priority. 


We believe that sustainable growth can benefit everyone, and have made bold commitments to achieve net zero by 2035.

The impact of our work

From bringing energy to remote communities in the Amazon to enabling development in West Africa, we deliver the energy that so communities can thrive.