Client National Construction Company

Location UK

Sectors Construction

The Challenge

Keep build project on schedule with rapid drying

The wet trades have finished. But the moisture’s still there. You’re constructing a complex of new build retirement apartments. Everything is going to plan. The wet trades finish on schedule and you’re ready to move to fit-out. But then you notice moisture in the walls and floors. Materials stored onsite such as doors, window frames and insulation will all absorb this moisture unless the problem is fixed.

That was the problem facing our customer. And a building site, with so many different trades simultaneously in operation, is a finely-tuned project. So delays such as waiting for the building to dry would throw the entire project behind schedule and that could incur further costs.

Our customer knew exactly what to do.

Project fact file

11 x


6x 9 kw

Electrical heaters

40% Relative humidity

Perfect environment for drying

12 Degrees Centigrade

Temperature maintained

The Solution

Comprehensive and bespoke solution to control site environment

Our customers reached for the phone and called us, knowing we had the experience and equipment to step in and help.
Our experts surveyed the project to determine how to create the right atmosphere through precise temperature control and relative humidity.

  • Remove aII excess moisture without cracking the
    finished plaster or wooden door frames
  • Only chemically bound moisture should be present.
  • Deliver above l2°C and hold around 40%RH
  • Full condition monitoring and recording should take place throughout the process to ensure a smooth final handover and client satisfaction.

The biggest challenge was time. To keep the build on schedule, there simply wasn’t the time for all the other trades to down tools - which meant our team had to
do the dry out at the same time as the fit-out.
This created knock-on issues such as power constraints and health and safety concerns. All of which we had to factor in.

The Aggreko Difference

Don't leave your project out to dry - speak to our experts!

The Impact

Safety prioritised, project on time and costs within budget

The key to the success of this project was our engineers on site taking full control for maximum benefits.
We controlled the internal environment, the temperature and even our own power resources.
In short, we designed a bespoke solution and agreed a scope of works to answer every client objective. To combat the threat of over-drying, humidistat-controlled dehumidifiers were installed to self- control as and when needed, along with thermostats on the heating systems.
All free water and moisture were removed from the walls, floor and air, enabling the rest of the build to continue unhindered. By hard-wiring our 475v heaters, we avoided power issues and we supplied smaller, single-phase dehumidifiers too, which optimised power use.

Every measure was taken to efficiently use every penny and every volt, so our customer could keep their targets in sight, the site remained as safe as ever and deadlines stayed  within reach.

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