Client Major US-based construction firm

Location Brooklyn, USA

Sectors Construction

The challenge

A high-rise build that needed power fast

A construction site is a power conundrum. You need power to do the work, but you need to do the work before you can connect to the grid. Temporary power is the obvious answer, but it needs to be just right or you end up with not enough amps and more headaches. It’s an issue we know well, so when a contractor in Brooklyn, NY, learned they’d have to wait six to eight weeks for a temporary pole, they called us in. The challenge was to deliver an immediate energy source powerful enough to run a 20-storey build, compact enough to fit on the site and smart enough to take care of itself. 


Project fact file

20-storey build

A new residential construction project

6 to 8 weeks

The wait to get on the grid

Zero outages

Thanks to remote monitoring and fuel management

The solution

Power in days, support throughout the project

We know every site is different, so we started with a job walk, working closely with the general contractor to find out exactly what they needed. Within days, we delivered a skid-mounted 300 kW diesel generator, transformer and distribution panel, small enough to move through the active works and fit snugly within the site footprint. Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) sent real-time, continuous load and fuel data from the generator to our Remote Operating Centre (ROC) throughout, making sure our technicians could see potential issues before they became a reality. 

Meanwhile, our complete fuel management service kept supply efficient and hassle-free, with a fuel schedule in sync with the site’s operating pattern – and no need for refuelling.


The Aggreko difference

You’re not just getting the hardware, you’re getting a whole team.

The impact

Saving time and money from start to finish

Without the six to eight weeks’ downtime, construction started right away, while continuous support and monitoring gave the site team absolute confidence. The result? Huge cost savings thanks to a ready-to-go package as reliable as grid power, with none of the expensive delays.


“Once the generator was in place, it pretty much ran itself, so our customer could focus on getting the build finished on time, instead of worrying about the power supply.” 

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