Client Harmless Harvest (HHT)

Location Thailand

Sectors Food and drinks


Keeping perishable coconut products cool

Harmless Harvest is one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers of coconut water. Coconut, its by-products and other produce, need stable cool temperatures to remain fresh, but HHT’s cooling tower was no longer up to the task. And it was holding the company back.


Project fact file


fluid chillers


heat exchanger

24 hours

of technical support


A cool package that helped current needs and future growth

Exacting cooling requirements call for a bespoke package and attention to every detail. That’s what our team provideda  400 kW and a 500 kW fluid chiller, a heat exchanger, pump, buffer tank and round-the-clock support.


our difference

We bring all the right ingredients for a successful result


Fresh products now, and room for growth later

We stay cool under pressure, so HHT’s exacting requirements were just part of what we delivered. We also supported their desire to grow their production lines and volumes. And we’re happy to say they extended our partnership.


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