Client Large telecoms company

Location France

Sectors Telecommunication technology


The challenge

Maintain a stable communication network for thousands of mobile users during Covid-19 health crisis


Our customer is a large telecoms company in France. During the Covid-19 pandemic, communications have played a significant factor in everyday life and so, operations were never more important.

In order to maintain the power to an area of antennas, energy was needed but the local power supply couldn’t provide at the time. 

To maintain the stable network that many relied on – and avoid potential financial losses as a result – our customer called Aggreko to deliver the power they needed.

Project fact file

1 Month

Of continuous power needed

30 kVA

Power from our generator

Zero Interruptions

No stopping of our reliable power


The Solution

24/7, uninterrupted power while power supplier was unavailable

Our experts soon devised a plan and this involved a swift delivery of a 30 kVA generator to bridge the power gap while the local power supply struggled.

The power simply had to be continuous. A break in the supply would result in the network suffering difficulties and many being unable to communicate.

Coupled with an 1150 litre fuel tank, our generator delivered the necessary power 24/7 without complication or interruption – exactly what the customer required.


The Aggreko difference

We’ll keep you switched on

The Impact

Vital communication channels kept open for thousands during pandemic 

When the emphasis on digital communication was bigger than ever, our intervention avoided closing network channels that were being used for every service in the area.

The fact that the network continued without a stop in operation also avoided any hefty financial losses either through a loss of trust or possible cost penalties.


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