06 Apr 2022

Aggreko pledges with We Are Albert to tackle the media industries carbon footprint

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Global provider of mobile modular power Aggreko is delighted to announce a new partnership with We Are Albert, a globally recognised screen industry authority on environmental sustainability. Aggreko will become the latest industry giant pledging to make sustainable changes towards reducing their carbon footprint in 2022, as well as help lead the charge against climate change and inspire sustainable choices in the media industries.

With the help of albert, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Aggreko plan to utilise modern technology within their stage 5 generators by making the switch to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) - a renewable fuel alternative using only waste materials with a zero negative impact on food supply and global deforestation. The partnership will allow Aggreko to strengthen their current green energy strategies and take advantage of albert’s schemes and training to supply innovative industry solutions for future projects.

This announcement comes after Aggreko revealed new energy transition targets in 2021: to achieve net zero across all its own business operations by 2030, and net zero business across all services by 2050. The collaboration will allow Aggreko to work towards these targets by implementing sustainable power forms across all screen production services, such as films sets, television shows and live broadcasting events.

Sector Manager for Television Broadcast and Film at Aggreko, Paul Wilkes, commented: “We are proud to be collaborating with such a sustainability conscious authority and look forward to seeing Aggreko and We Are Albert combat our mutual net zero goals.

“Taking the steps to become more sustainable in this current day is imperative, however as a globally recognised company we hope to set an example and inspire others to take the same pledge towards a zero-carbon impact industry.”

Sustainability Analyst for We Are Albert, Will Bourns, added: “It is brilliant to feature Aggreko on albert’s suppliers list and collaborate on the industry’s goals. They are innovating the use of power and fuel through low emission technologies. Location power is currently responsible for over 10% of film and TV production industry emissions and therefore their work can have a significant positive impact.”

Aggreko look forward to tackling the media industry’s footprint together with We Are Albert and inspire future corporations to make the pledge to choose sustainable choices and support a greener world.