100 kW Resistive Load Bank

Portable Load banks for rent 24/7/365

100 kW Resistive Load Bank - Waterproof foam lined hard case with casters and handles, ATA rated, Military Grade. The reliability and practicality of load bank rentals for power system testing can prevent the risk of costly power failures and maximize efficient production during routine maintenance.

Key Data

  1. Rating
    100 kW

Key Data

  1. Voltage Range

Physical Data

  1. Length (ft)
  2. Width (ft)
  3. Height (ft)
  4. Gross Weight (lbs)
  5. 65


  • 100 kW Resistive Load Bank
  • Load bank rentals rangng in sizes from 100kW to 5,000kW.
  • Up to five units can be linked and operated from one control panel.
  • Cam Lock Load Connections: brown, orange, yellow, green.
  • Safety features include branch circuit fusing, ground cam-lock, voltage protection circuit and 22mm LED indicator, and temperature protection circuit and 22mm LED indicator.
  • Air inlet and outlet protected by expanded metal screens and heat is discharged horizontally.
  • Optional Upgrade - Remote Control Kit


  • Testing lower power factor simulation, frequency converters or full electrical system integration.
  • Commissioning newly installed turbine or diesel generators.
  • Performing maintenance testing on equipment.
  • Constructing a gas turbine platform, and Many other applications. 

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