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Location Senegal

Sectors Construction

The Challenge

Using available resources and lowering costs

SOCOCIM Industries produces three million tonnes of cement a year, which supplies Senegal, as well as the majority of West Africa. It relied on the national grid, and had also invested in its own power station, to ensure totally reliable and autonomous power.

However, when natural gas became available, SOCOCIM Industries saw the opportunity to save some of its fuel costs and called Aggreko to come up with a plan.

Project fact file

The Solution

Turn-key power using onsite gas

Natural gas gave SOCOCIM an opportunity to tick a few boxes - get its own totally reliable power, at a fraction of its previous power spend - as well as a power partner that would cater to its changing needs and take care of the whole set-up.

The first part of the plan was a 12 MW gas power station that was implemented as a turn-key project. There was scope in the plan to increase the power when it was needed, so an extra 17 MW was added later.

And our technicians are onsite 24/7 for total peace of mind.

Our Difference

We specialise in cementing partnerships

The Impact

Costs come down by 20% and reliability goes up

The gas power plant caters for more than a quarter of SOCOCIM’s energy needs. It’s reliable, it’s cost effective and good news for the environment. And with trained and experienced technicians onsite round the clock, SOCOCIM can get on with making cement, safe in the knowledge that power is taken care of.

“This really demonstrates the value of involving the power specialists at the outset to ensure a reliable and worry-free project."

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