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Client International beverage producer

Location Papua New Guinea

Sectors Food and drinks

The challenge

Reliable cooling and power to ensure 24/7 production continues

CCA Lae are located in remote Papua New Guinea. It means that their production facility relies heavily on the grid. When the grid provides intermittent power, this impacts their business.

With production running at full capacity, 24/7, 365 days a year – there was no room for lulls in supply. But the grid couldn’t sustain the level of power that CCA Lae required – and this hindered the company financially.

The site also had issues with critical cooling equipment during the production process – if the correct temperature couldn’t be maintained then entire batches would be lost.

CCA Lae needed to find a solution that could provide the correct cooling and power – and without any margin for error.

Project fact file

2 X

800 kW air-cooled fluid chillers

2 Years

Duration of solution

2 X


The Solution

Precise air-cooled chiller solution and modular power for entire plant


Our experts devised a tailored solution that would create the optimal temperature for production to continue unabated. We delivered two of our 800 kW air-cooled fluid chillers to replace the current equipment our customer had. This ensured set-point temperatures, the desired reliability and hassle-free manufacturing at their plant.

To overcome the grid unreliability, we installed two of our thermal generators on site. Our equipment is mobile and modular as standard, so there were no issues with site space nor installation. We soon had our customer hooked up to our dependable power so they could concentrate on their core business.

The Aggreko Difference

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The Impact

Entire plant cooling and power now reliable and losses minimised

Our solutions were successful in halting the intermittency that had plagued the customer's production line. Their site required 24/7 operations – and that is exactly what our equipment and experts provided.

This meant that losses that were incurred with the previous solution were now dramatically lessened, easing the worry for CCA Lae.

Our customer was so happy with the result that we now power and cool the entire facility. Our modular equipment also allows CCA Lae to increase their power or cooling should they need to – meaning that our involvement is the ideal partner for success.

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