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Client Premier Australian naval defence contractor

Location Osborne, South Australia

Sectors Shipping



Keeping construction workers cool and productive

During the summer months, high temperatures can affect shipbuilders’ productivity. We had to find a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to get cool air to them, in a number of different compartments aboard two 7000 tonne warships. Working on scaffolding added another layer of complexity.


Project fact file

2 State-of-the-art

7000 tonne Air Warfare Destroyers

200 kW

Units used to cool compartments

20 %

Cut in fuel consumption

0 %

Loss of productivity



A bespoke answer for a unique site 

We created a bespoke system using four 200kW chillers and 16 100kW air handlers which were installed using ASC’s own cranes on site. As well as working around the unique nature of the construction site, the system was designed to be as efficient as possible – both to cut costs and minimise environmental impact. 


Unique technology with a unique team at your disposal.

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Productivity protected, and fuel consumption cut

With productivity maintained and fuel consumption cut by 20%, our relationship with  ASC goes from strength to strength. Initially asked to cool one ship, the order was then doubled to two. We were also asked to supply two 350kVA generators for the first and second ship launches. 


"You’re not just getting the product, you’re getting a whole team."

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