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Client Gem Diamonds’ Ghaghoo mine

Location Botswana

Sectors Mining

The challenge

Power the development of a diamond mine

The early name given to Gem Diamonds’ Ghaghoo diamond mine was ‘Gope’, which literally translates as ‘nowhere’. The rich deposit of diamonds in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is surrounded by a vast expanse of sand and scrub. 

Being so far from anywhere, it goes without saying that there was no electricity. So we were called in from day one – firstly, to power up the pre-construction camp, then to ramp things up for full construction and ongoing mine operation. 


Project fact file

20 million

Carats of quality diamonds

60 kVA

Initial power supply

360 kVA

Follow-up power supply

4.5 MW

Final power supply

The solution

A power plan that grew with the site

Our rental equipment is easy to set up – even if it’s in the middle of nowhere. Given the simplicity, it’s also very easy to scale. So this is what we did for the Ghaghoo mine.

We started by supplying a 60 kVA generator to power the first camp on site. Then, as construction of the main camp and mine site began, we increased supply to 360 kVA. It wasn’t long before mine activities were in full swing and they needed a standalone 4.5 MW power plan, which we supplied with no problems.


the aggreko difference

We're fast and responsive in getting power to remote locations.

The impact

Only paying for the power they need 

By renting power from us, Gem Diamonds always has just the right amount of power. Renting eliminates the need for large capital expenditure. And, because our power supply is matched to the mine’s fluctuating requirements over its entire lifecycle, mine operators know they are only ever paying for the power they need. 

Another benefit of renting power is that maintenance is built into the contract. Gem Diamonds could focus on what it does best, leaving the power supply in our safe hands.


“We chose Aggreko based on their reputation in powering mining across Africa and because we wanted to avoid the capital outlay of buying our own power plant. With power taken care of, we could focus on our core activities.”

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