20 Dec 2017

Aggreko take up the Baton

Queen's Baton Relay

On Christmas Day 2017, the Queen’s Baton will begin its 100-day journey across Australia ahead of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) after already traveling for 288 days through every Commonwealth nation and territory.

The Queen’s Baton Relay is a Games tradition that celebrates the Commonwealth’s diversity, inspires community pride and excites people about the world-class festival of sports and culture to come. The GC2018 Relay will be the longest and the most accessible ever, not just passing through, but spending quality time in each community it visits over the course of its 230,000 kilometre journey.

Each host nation of the Commonwealth Games has the responsibility to create a Queen’s Baton. It needs to not only reflect design, cultural and human values it must also genuinely engage and inspire the Commonwealth to come together to celebrate GC2018. The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) appointed Designworks – a small Brisbane company – to design, engineer and manufacture the GC2018 Queen’s Baton. They created the Baton using macadamia wood, reclaimed plastic and a metal stringer that binds them together, with the Baton designed to spread a message of sustainability. The material for the "leading edge" was created from plastic collected from oceans, waterways, beaches and surrounding areas of the Gold Coast.


The GC2018 Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR) began at Buckingham Palace on Commonwealth Day, Monday 13 March 2017. At the commencement ceremony, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II placed a message to the Commonwealth into the Baton and entrusted it to the first Batonbearer – Australian cycling legend, Anna Meares. The message calls the Commonwealth’s athletes to come together in peaceful and friendly competition. The Baton then began its epic 388-day journey through all nations and territories of the Commonwealth, starting with Africa. From there the Baton travelled through the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe and Asia before finally reaching Oceania.


There will be over 3,800 batonbearers that will carry the Baton around the Australia, stopping in as many places as possible to share the excitement and spirit of the Games.


Nominated by their peers for achievements and contributions to their community, batonbearers have the honour of carrying the Queen’s Baton and representing their family, friends and community with pride.


Each Batonbearer will carry the Baton for approximately 200 metres, and despite popular belief, they are not required to run; indeed the purpose of the QBR is to allow people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate.


Aggreko AusPac is honoured to have a number of employees named as batonbearers. These include: Rob Woolcock, Jordan Challis, Kellie Whitehead, Errol Thomas, Elizabeth Pegg, Glen Scholz, Vanessa Mecanovic, Flavio Amado and Stuart McLaughlin.


Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting a brief interview with each of our batonbearers, giving everyone a chance to get to know them and their achievements that led them to being nominated.  We’ll also give you a sneak peek into their unique training methods in the lead up to the Queen’s Baton Relay.