20 Oct 2017

Keep the lights on this storm season

Trucks delivering Aggreko generators

Australia is the land of unpredictable weather. With cyclones, fires and floods occurring throughout the year, the potential of losing power to your business is not a pleasant prospect. Such occurrences can impact heavily on a businesses’ productivity through lengthy interruptions to power supply. 

In the past three years alone, NSW has endured cyclonic conditions resulting in entire regions being flooded, QLD was hit by the worst storm since 1985 which caused over $1 billion worth of damage, and SA suffered through a storm described as a one-in-50-years event that led to the entire state losing power.

The risk that storm season poses is significant, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left in the dark when it inevitably hits.

Here at Aggreko we help businesses restore power quickly in the event of unplanned outages. By planning ahead, your business can minimise downtime and maintain continuity. 


Our fleet of generators, chillers, dehumidifiers and air conditioners means that whatever your needs are, we can meet them.


An off-the-shelf response won’t suit every emergency, so we’ll tailor a contingency power plan to your operation and the risks you’d face if things ground to a halt. Our engineers will meet with you to assess your site’s power, heating, cooling or dehumidification needs. We then make a plan that covers the equipment, engineering, logistics and people needed to put things right after a crisis.

Our experienced team can work with you to develop contingency plans to sustain and restore power to your business; meaning you’ll be back up and running before you can say “Aussie weather”. If disaster strikes, all you need to do is call. We’ll get right to work, delivering the equipment, getting it running and staying by your side every step of the way. What’s more, you only pay for the equipment for as long as you need it.