22 Jun 2017

Younicos helps TILOS win two awards

TILOS earns two awards
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Younicos were honored as part of the TILOS consortium with the Energy Island’s Award and the Public Vote Award at the European Union Sustainable Energy Week Awards

The multinational European energy demonstration project known as TILOS earned the twin distinction of winning both the Energy Island Award and the Public Vote Award at the European Union Sustainable Energy Week Awards (EUSEW) in Brussels. Battery storage pioneer Younicos contributed its intelligent Y.Q software platform, advanced energy management solutions and hardware development simulation expertise to the project.

The TILOS project demonstrates the economic and technical feasibility of powering partially connected islands with a very high share of renewable energy. The project combines an optimally integrated system comprising wind and PV power generation, advanced battery storage, distributed residential thermal storage, and Demand Side Response equipment. All system elements are being integrated in a smart microgrid on the Greek island of Tilos in the Southeastern Aegean Sea, which is connected to a larger, island-complex electricity system.

“My heartfelt congratulations to everyone on the TILOS Team,” commented Stephen L. Prince, CEO of Younicos. “This double award is well-deserved recognition of the enormous potential that grid-forming, battery-based clean energy microgrid solutions represent for islands everywhere. It’s been our privilege to contribute our software and energy management experience and expertise to this ground-breaking endeavor, which makes a compelling case for grid-forming clean power systems.”

“We look forward to bringing this solution to the next level when we complete the commissioning of the world’s first multi-megawatt grid-forming clean power system on the Portuguese island of Graciosa later this year!”, added Prince.

In conjunction with the island’s 780 inhabitants, the TILOS (“Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage”) consortium aims to make the first global blueprint for smart microgrids. The goal is to facilitate increased penetration of renewable energy sources with optimal deployment of energy storage assets. TILOS is part of the EU’s “Horizon 2020” program.

In addition to providing software and energy management, Younicos, as part of the consortium, evaluated the technical and commercial feasibility of the TILOS project and jointly developed and tested the battery controls in the company’s fully grid-forming Technology Center in Berlin.

Younicos is the pioneer and market leader in game-changing energy and grid solutions based on battery storage. We provide utilities, independent power producers, microgrids and C&I customers with turnkey storage systems, supporting a wide range of business opportunities. Younicos employs 130 storage experts in Berlin, Germany and Austin, Texas, US. In July 2017 Younicos was acquired by Aggreko and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global leader in mobile power, heating and cooling.