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Client Government facility

Location Canada

Sectors Contracting

The challenge

Developing a back-up power plan for a government facility

A generator failure at a correctional center required an immediate resolution. The contractor performing maintenance had to adhere to site-specific requirements for a temporary backup generator. 

The technology used to keep correctional facilities secure require full power availability, even if it means, in the event of an emergency, having to truck in a 1 MW generator overnight from 1300 km away.

The facility required that the temporary generator have the capacity to provide backup power for all on-site emergency and safety equipment, including generation of full power within 60 seconds of an automatic transfer switch (ATS) signalling the generator to start.


Project fact file

48 hours

Second transition time

850 kW

Of continuous power

1300 km

Traveled overnight to deliver equipment

The solution

Designing a plan that fit within the specific parameters

We brought in 850 kW of continuous power using a 1 MW diesel generator rated at 480V rigged up with a step up transformer to 600V, including all necessary cables. Our logistical experts identified and expedited the generator, trucking it in overnight from 1300 km away.

Industry statistics predicate that generators fail, even with diligent testing and maintenance. This is why we work with customers to engineer contingency plans specific to their individual needs. In this case, we were able to quickly adjust settings on-site according to government specified parameters.


the aggreko difference

In critical times, we have your back.

Our Difference

The impact

We helped the center stay up and running while keeping staff and inmates safe

With the level of reliability built into our mobile generation systems, full power was restored in 48 seconds of ATS signalling the generator to start. 

Employees felt safer after seeing that all electrical equipment, such as keycards used to open cells, would receive power in the event of high line failures.

Going forward, all inmates will stay in a controlled environment, and are safe to continue work as if nothing happened.

Guidelines have been established to ensure appropriate operation and maintenance of correctional center emergency generators during an incident or safety related event.

The contractor shows how our ongoing relationship has establishment a “comfort zone,” knowing they can call on us any time. The reason for this crisis management capability cultivated between us and our client is because the industry has come to rely on us for an immediate solution, regardless of the circumstances.


“We ensure that our equipment is brought in on time, every time.”

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