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Client Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Location Houston, Texas, USA

Sectors Events

The challenge

Keeping the fires lit at a giant Texas style cookoff competition

What could be more all-American than a Texan rodeo show? Try a Texan rodeo show featuring an enormous cookout, with hundreds of BBQ teams competing to be champion.

This venue had no process in place for ordering extra circuitry and few locations to set up equipment.

With a tight schedule for load-in, building a system that could support so many teams at once would take serious organization.

As if we didn’t already have enough challenges, the rodeo and concerts were set to start immediately after the cookout, which meant tear-down of this massive setup would have to be done in a just over 24 hours.


Project fact file


Electrical orders provided


BBQ teams



The solution

Taking orders and lighting the pits

Our project manager and a team of 15 technicians got to work producing a detailed electrical design and online ordering system, which supplied over 2,600 electrical services to 300 teams.

On the ground with limited space, we strategically placed nearly 40 small generators connected to 150 distribution panels and more than 20 transformers. All this wired with close to 20 miles of cable and over 2,600 circuits, including more than 200 specialty plugs. A perfect supply of power to feed the massive cookoff crowds.


the aggreko difference

Safe, reliable, effective equipment - and always fantastic people to work with

Our Difference

The impact

Serving up the highest safety standards

As the competition heated up, we made sure the food was even hotter. Not only did we ensure all the cookoff teams had the power they needed to host the large crowds, but we exceeded expectations when it came to the timing of tearing down. What took 10 days to install, we removed in 36 hours while always keeping safety first.

Our Safety for Life mentality trickled down to other vendors on site, encouraging them to become more safety conscious. In fact, the customer enforced our safety practices to other vendors working on the jobsite.


“Aggreko was able to provide power and electrical setup to feed the massive cookoff crowds while serving up the highest safety standards.”

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