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Client Global Players Joint Venture

Location Qatar

Sectors Oil and gas


Provide reliable power for a 32,000 capacity manpower camp

Our customer, the second biggest LNG producer in Qatar needed to power their construction worker camp during the second phase of their midstream project which included the construction and commissioning, four new 7.8 million ton/year LNG trains, LNG and condensate storage tanks, and a marine operating facility and jetty.

They needed reliable guaranteed power for the camp to complete the construction, testing and commissioning phase of the project which was expected to take three years.

They also needed a fully flexible solution that could be scaled up as construction is ramped up and the camp size increases to peak, and then decreased in line with the size of the camp and power demand of the project.

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25 MW

Centralised power


Capacity worker camp


25MW of scalable centralised power for 3 years

Our central engineering team designed a 25 MW power package using high efficiency thermal generators to meet the peak demand of the man camp which would be home for around 32,000 workers at peak.

This included a centralised power plant and distribution system. Both were designed to provide maximum efficiency while maintaining redundant capacity and system integrity.

All stepdown transformers, cabling, and distribution throughout the vast man camp was provided. The project was fully manned 24/7 with expert Aggreko technicians and had a N+2 redundancy throughout.

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Single source of power maintaining high levels of reliability and accountability

Having a centralised power system not only delivered greater levels of redundancy and more efficient operation uptime, but the use of high efficiency diesel generators meant less fuel was used overall, saving on fuel costs.

The customer was able to ensure they had both reliable and safe power at their worker camp during the three year project.

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