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Client Chiyoda Technip Joint Venture

Location Qatar

Sectors Oil and gas


Massive LNG Midstream project demands flexible power from experienced partner

A huge LNG Midstream facility in Qatar in its construction and commissioning phase required reliable power – and plenty of it. The construction of its 7.8 million tonnes a year LNG trains, LNG and condensate tanks, marine operating facility and jetty would demand a 24/7, manned power plant that left no room for downtime.

This power plant would also need to be fully flexible to adapt to ramp ups and downs in demand as the project matured over the three years, as well as compulsory N+2 redundancy to ensure that the construction targets of the customer could stay within sight.

Who better to provide that power than a trusted provider – and a partner of the project who had effectively supplied 25 MW of scalable power to the project’s 32,000 capacity man camp?

Project fact file

56 MVA

Total power

7.8 million

Tonnes of LNG produced per train

24/ 7


3 years

Contract duration


Adaptable, comprehensive and dependable 56 MVA power plant


We collaborated with our customer – one we had worked with over a number of other projects and years – to devise the ideal solution for their needs.

Construction had to remain constant, so reliability and the safeguard of that power supply was the core of our objective. We installed a 56 MVA, centralised power plant and distribution system that was under constant supervision from our technician team.

Included in this package were the redundancies and failsafe’s that meant the power would remain switched on in any scenario.

Our experience and mobile, modular equipment also allowed us to include the ability to ramp power up or down whenever the need arose – so the customer had complete efficiency for their power supply.

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Uptime increased, costs decreased thanks to high levels of efficiency

Our diesel generators that comprised the power supply of the power plant, are highly efficient. Couple that with the fact our customer could dynamically ramp up or down their power whenever necessary to align with the needs of the project meant costs were reduced and uptime rose.

This also would mean any deadlines the project had to meet would stay within reach.

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