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Client EPC Joint Venture

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Mitigating the impact of a delayed cooling water system at a new refinery in Kuwait

A problem with a new order of cooling towers is something that a refinery does not want to hear. For our joint venture customer, this unfortunately was the case when their delivery of cooling towers was delayed. 

The customer were in the process of building a new refinery in Kuwait. Already a vast undertaking with many logistical challenges, they needed a quick solution for their cooling problem. 

The project was in its pre-commissioning stage and to ensure that operations were running smoothly essential testing needing to take place– this included a nitrogen test, a functioning test and a Mechanical Run Test (MRT). 

Without the cooling tower aspect of the refining process, there would be no cooled water lowering temperatures on Air Compressors, Air Driers and Boilers. This also meant that there would be no continuous blowdown to utility boilers, blowdown drums, blowdown pumps and crucially cooling to the motor driven HP boiler feed water pump. 

The anticipated 3-month delay on the equipment was not an option for the refinery which needed a quick and reliable solution in order to allow cooling for pre-commissioning and commissioning processes. 

Having worked with the customer before on both this project and others, Aggreko were approached for a quick reliable solution based on an established track record of success.


Project fact file

2 2500 kW

cooling towers

12 days

from commission to delivery and installation

51 litres

per second flow rate


Providing cooling towers with synchronised generators to produce a high flow rate allowing cooling to continue 

Aggreko engineers visited the site and began to put together a plan in solving this problem. Studying the location and then working out the best plan for the laydown area, they ensured that the customer was well informed and updated on proposals for the area which would include equipment, connection points and fittings. 

Having a good local presence was an advantage Aggreko with the cooling towers were already in Kuwait at our depot, fast delivery for the customer was a realistic reality.  We installed two 2500 kW cooling towers that took into consideration the extreme summer heat of up to 50°C, facing the region. This would cover any further increase in heat due to seasonal temperatures. 

The cooling towers were brought to the site and were powered by two 200 kVA generators. Once commissioned the towers would always be operating 24/7 with a dedicated technician monitoring them.  

Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) was installed on the generators, showcasing change in fuel quantities and load details – allowing foreseeable warning of issues the generators could experience. 

The delivery of this project was swift and even with a global pandemic and subsequent lockdown – delivery of equipment only took 12 days after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

The Aggreko Difference

Towering success – a swift delivery of a vital cooling system


Pre-commissioning activities on track with no process delays 

The addition of the cooling equipment prevented downtime and effectively allowed for pre-commissioning to continue. 

With steam generation processes starting and being incorporated into the refining production, there have been no delays meaning huge financial gain. 

While the delivery of the original cooling towers is still delayed, the length of this project is expected to be at least 3 months in order to plug the equipment gap and allow for the commissioning of the new refinery.


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