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Client Utility company

Location Caribbean island

Sectors Utilities


Provide efficient energy to avoid power outages

There is a small island in the Caribbean Sea that has several crystal beaches, which are an ideal destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. Part of the main source of energy of this island depends on factors that cannot be controlled, such as wind and sunlight. Since there was an increase in the energy demand, constant power outages occurred, negatively impacting the daily life of its inhabitants, tourists and businesses.

To overcome these challenges, the utility company of the island knew exactly what was needed: a power partner capable of installing their equipment in record time, offering a reliable and continuous power that did not depend on external factors. In addition, the partner had to comply with safety standards and limits of noise levels when running their equipment. Was this possible?



inhabitants of this island benefi ted from uninterrupted energy

7 MW

backup power installed in 28 days


7 MW of reliable power to cover the demand increment in the island 

Everything is possible with the right partner. For this challenge, we transported our equipment from different parts of the world, achieving the installation and start-up in just 28 days. Initially we installed a 2 MW power plant, which included containerized diesel reciprocating generators, auxiliary equipment and fuel tanks.

Then, the client requested to expand the energy supplied and we added 5 MW, for a total of 7 MW installed capacity, ensuring the constant flow of energy according to the needs of the client. Our equipment was modified to include double-height batteries and thus meet the limited space. We also modified the design of our generators in containers, satisfying the restrictions of noise levels on the island.


Unrivaled rapid response and reliable power, to supply all needs from small to large projects, anywhere in the world


Stable energy for 18,900 inhabitants of the island and its tourists 

Our solution has taken away the client’s concern of generating energy, allowing them to focus on the most important objective: the island energy plan for the years to come. This would also help to strength their image as a reliable supplier. The challenge of power outages and their negative impact on the island’s economy was solved thanks to the efficiency of our equipment and the flexibility to scale up the power delivered to our customers due to our large worldwide fleet.

This project was initially planned for a period of only 12 months, however, it has been extended for more than 3 years. The previous experience with our services, the speed of response and the consistency to meet the power demand’s variations, were the key factors for the client to select Aggreko as the best option.

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