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Client Grenada Electricity Services Ltd (GRENLEC)

Location Island of Grenada - Caribbean Sea

Sectors Utilities


Maintain the power supply during a maintenance shutdown

Grenada Electricity Services Limited (GRENLEC), is the sole electric utility serving the island of Grenada. Recently one of its largest generating units suffered a failure and the company needed backup generation as quickly as possible, until it was able to procure and install a replacement unit.

They needed a reliable supplier who could provide an efficient solution, even with the logistical difficulties brought by the global pandemic.

After making contact with five potential companies, they chose Aggreko for its ability to provide a truly turnkey and efficient solution quickly, even with the logistical difficulties brought by the global pandemic.


6 MW

of reliable power


people impacted


Rapid mobilization of equipment and personnel despite restrictions

Aggreko quickly offered GRENLEC a comprehensive solution consisting of 8 diesel generators and 2 transformers, which would operate for 12 hours per day for the next 6 months to generate up to 6 MW of power. Our equipment had to be installed during a global pandemic affecting logistics globally.

At Aggreko, we know how to work in adverse conditions, therefore, we coordinated the mobilization of equipment and our team of experts from several countries, working in cooperation with local and international authorities to meet the project installation deadlines. 

A multinational group with experts was quickly deployed to Grenada to commission and operate our plant.

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) team monitored compliance with all guidelines and recommendations established to guarantee the health and safety of personnel, the customer and nearby communities.

“At GRENLEC, we work hard every day to provide the energy needed to fulfill our customers’ demands. We wanted the company that we chose to have the same passion for reliability and efficiency. That is why we asked Aggreko to help us guarantee service to the people of the island.”

Collin Cover, General Manager


Reliable and efficient power for the island

Aggreko’s solution to GRENLEC helped ensure that the island’s more than 112,000 inhabitants had safe and reliable power over the next six months.

The company had overhauls to perform on two other units, and without temporary generation they would not be able to guarantee a reliable power supply during this period.

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