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250,000 BTU Explosion proof fan coil

Explosion proof fan coils

Explosion proof fan coil - 250,000 BTU output based on 10°F ambient air and 60°F temp rise 

Key Data

  1. BTU
    250000 btu
  2. Voltage
    115V single phase

Physical Data

  1. Height (m)
    1.12 m
  2. Length (m)
    0.71 m
  3. Weight (kg)
    96 kg
  4. Width (m)
    1.14 m


  • 250,000 BTU output, ideal for heating and climate control in oil and gas applications.
  • Class 1, Div 1 explosion proof motor complies with oil and gas site safety regulations.


  • Heat can be delivered where it is needed but for safety combustion and electrical connections can be made up to 200’ away at the central heating unit.
  • Compact and mobile design allows them to be easily positioned where they are needed on the site.
  • Lower static pressure compared to “flame-less heaters”. 

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