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Kraken Super Heater

The KRAKEN a “true” tri-fuel SuperHeater,

The super efficient KRAKEN will use less fuel to heat your job. Additional savings are realized with its Automatic Thermostat feature that cycles the heater off when desired temperature levels are reached. KRAKEN turns back on when the fluid cools below its intended level.

Key Data

  1. BTU
    25 Million BTU/h Input energy
  2. Fuel Type
    Diesel - 25.0 mmbtu/h 676.6 liters per hour
  3. Temperature Range
    100⁰F Temperature lift in one pass to water flowing through at 440 ugspm


  • 90% efficient – put the energy into the fluid, NOT the atmosphere.
  • Using less fuel than other SuperHeaters, KRAKEN will reduce your carbon footprint.
  • “Dial in” your desired fluid temperature – set it & forget it.
  • Change between fuel types (diesel, propane, natural gas) at the flick of a switch.
  • KRAKEN comes with a propane vaporizer.
  • Aggreko provides fully trained operators.
  • KRAKEN is fully CSA, ASME, ISNetworld, Comply Works, CanQual, and PICS certified.


  • The Kraken carries CRN and CSA certifications.
  • In addition to diesel-propane-and piped natural gas, the Kraken operates on portable LNG and CNG.
  • An on-board vaporizer facilitates cold-weather propane use.
  • If using pipe-line natural gas, Aggreko can provide a water-knockout system with remote monitoring to track volume of natural gas being processed.
  • Heat in one pass or slip-stream higher flow rates. Heat fixed volumes of fluids in tanks, or inject heat into flowing streams (e.g. 10 mile pipelines)

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