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Food Grade Heat Exchangers

Food grade heat exchanger rentals - Aggreko

Food-Grade Heat Exchangers Available for Your Specific Processes

Aggreko has been active in the Food & Beverage industry for many years. Most significant for customers in this sector today are the heating and cooling solutions Aggreko offers on a temporary basis. The industry is rapidly changing as customer demands and market opportunities are changing even more quickly as time goes by.

Operating Food production

Within these changes, the operational teams in the food industry must balance speed of change, cost and reliability of the production process and the quality of the food against each other.

Aggreko has been helping food and beverage producers for many years in increasing production , overcoming operational problems, and creating cutting edge circumstances for food production and testing facilities.

Process Cooling and Heating capability

As the consumer demand changes the Food & Beverage producer, the demands of producers to an industry like Aggreko are also changing. More and more producers are asking for help with cooling or heating of foods directly. To do so efficiently and safely, an investment has been made in food and beverage heat exchangers to enable producers to be even more flexible in their production processes.

Our New Food-Grade Heat Exchangers include:

  • Experienced group of process engineers properly designs and ‘sizes’ the application
  • Certified cleaning procedures completed by 3rd party vendor
  • Exchangers pressure tested after each use
  • Exchangers cover a wide range of applications across many industries
  • Fast delivery and implementation

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