Our mission

Setting things in motion

Our mission is simple. To use our technology and expertise to make a difference to businesses and communities all over the world - now and in the future. 

“Human needs are the same all over the world, but power supply isn’t. By meeting global shortfalls, we have a critical role to play – something that inspires and challenges us every single day.”

Chris Weston Chief Executive Officer ,

"We've grown from a small local business to a global company providing power and temperature control to businesses and communities around the world"

Aiming for a higher standard

In everything we do, we’re committed to:

  • Listening to customers, so we can give you the products,services and support you need
  • Building long-term partnerships, so we can support you at every stage of your business
  • Adhering to strict safety standards to protect our people and our customers
  • Working with honesty and integrity at all times

This, combined with our enthusiasm and initiative, helps us to be the global leaders in our field.