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Transformer rental packages for safe, reliable power

Low & High voltage transformer hire

When working with high voltage power, you need a partner you can rely on. That’s why our team are the best trained specialists for the job - providing advice on our transformer rental service when you need it most.

Ranging from 2.5 to 6.3 MVA, our industrial transformers can be used for applications from 1.25 kV to 33 kV. With the ability to operate at 50 and 60 Hz they can be used for stepping voltage up or down to match system requirements. Whether you need an islanded power package to load test, or to provide power as a distribution transformer - we'll find the solution with our transformer rental services.

Our industrial transformers are tailor-made

We have a large fleet of utility-grade containerised electrical, low and high voltage, transformers that we utilise to design and install tailor-made power packages.
Most Aggreko industrial transformers for hire come as a complete, packaged sub-station, with integral switchgear and protective devices, so additional equipment is not needed.
Constructed to meet the rigorous demands of every industry, our electrical transformers are weatherproof, plugged, castered, and oil-filled with thermostatically-controlled cooling.

Our transformers for hire come with a containerised substation design, making them easy to transport and ideal for tight footprints. HV switch gear is housed within the integrated blast proof room, providing accessible and controlled switching operations and adjustable protection parameters to suit any system design.

Looking for low or high voltage transformers for your power requirements on site? Get in touch with our expert team today find out more about our transformer rental and talk through your options.

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