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Why you should rely on our data centre testing and commissioning.

Can you rely on your critical infrastructure, no matter what?

  • Our tests are designed to improve load reliability
  • We have the expertise and resources to carry out the full range of testing levels, L1 to L5
  • We have the most extensive range of testing equipment in the market
  • We have established global, standardised testing frameworks
  • You get a consistent high level of testing, resilience and consistency, worldwide
  • Testing can be carried out remotely meaning less manpower and time whilst delivering improved load reliability
  • We’ll also provide full load test documentation for quality auditing purposes, including method statements and schematics.

Data centre testing and commissioning with loadbanks

Data centre commissioning - testing 1, 2, 3...

New data centres are expected to run continuously and reliably. It is crucial therefore to conduct robust testing of all power and cooling infrastructure at commissioning stage - before your data centre goes live. Our specialist data centre commissioning team are experienced at carrying out the full range of testing levels; from L1 factory acceptance tests right through to L5 integrated systems testing, and even go live post commissioning.

Data centre power, cooling and testing - at every stage of the data center lifecycle

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