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Emergency Cooling Solution for International Dairy Manufacturer

Client: Dairy Manufacturer

Location: Matosinhos, Portugal

Sectors: Food and Beverage

The challenge

Possible cooling maintenance shutdown

An important company from the dairy sector was facing a maintenance shutdown. During this maintenance, they needed to carry out an exhaustive review of their internal refrigeration equipment. This meant a total pause on production since cooling capacity is an indispensable factor in the production and conservation of dairy products.

For this project, it was the client who approached Aggreko directly. They knew about some of our temperature control projects for the food & beverage sector and decided to contact us to find out about possible alternative solutions before pausing the activity of their entire facility.

Project fact file

Of industrial cooling 1.5MW
Response after clients call 48hours

The solution

1.5 MW of industrial cooling

To face this huge amount of industrial cooling demand, Aggreko mobilised from different depots (Madrid, Barcelona and Germany) a total amount of 1.5 MW of industrial cooling generation.

This complex set up was carried out in record time and the service was later expanded to support one of the cold rooms of the installation as an extra request from the client.

For this specific project, we communicated closely with the customer and from the first phone call we prioritised a rapid deployment due to the criticality of temperature control (the confirmation of our solution was approved at 2am), while keeping in mind the security and hygiene measures needed in a manufacturing food facility.

Super fast and cost saving solution supplied by the Aggreko team

Maintenace Manager , International Dairy Manufacturer

Alberto Domingues

The result

Emergency cost saving solution avoided shutdown

Due to the urgency of the need, Aggreko carried out a technical and feasibility study the same day the customer gave us the initial call. After the client’s approval, we carried out the commissioning of the whole solution, just 48 hours after receiving the customer's call.

Speed and expertise allowed the manufacturer to maintain production with minimal downtime. This made it possible to meet the orders agreed with its customers and resulted in great financial savings by avoiding a long maintenance disruption that would entail a huge expense.