10 Oct 2018

Load testing the world's largest crane barge

Load testing the worlds largest crane barge
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The world’s largest crane barge is in the finishing stages of construction, and we have been trusted to load test the vessels' power capacity.

The 220 metre long barge, Sleipnir, can lift 20,000 metric tonne’s with its dual cranes, and a ship this size and strength requires a grand total of 96 MW, produced by 12 generators.

The ship required stress-testing before commencing operations, and our experience, mobile, modular equipment and ability to mobilise rapidly meant we were chosen to provide our extensive testing solutions.

To produce the load capacity needed to push the 96 MW of generators to their limit, we supplied 12 MVA of loadbanks and transformers to singularly test each individual generator aboard the Sleipnir.

The next phase is to examine the synchronisation effectiveness of the generators. This affects the output of power of the ship and is critical to its operation. The combination of multiple generators are another parameter that requires stringent testing before Sleipnir is commissioned. This second phase will require a further 24 MVA and this is expected to conclude in December 2018.

We are proud to be involved with this groundbreaking project and how we were chosen to play a critical part in this record-breaking vessel.