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our difference

Caring about what we do

What we do – and the way that we do it – can affect the world around us. We take that responsibility seriously.  That’s why we always focus on health and safety, and conduct ourselves ethically, giving thought to the environment and supporting our customers and the communities where we operate.



Working in safe, responsible and honest ways 

From designing our equipment, to installing and operating it, health and safety is our top priority – for our people, our customers and our communities. That’s why, wherever we operate, we fully comply with regulations, follow strict standards when operating our equipment, and work with honesty and integrity. What’s more, we contribute to the communities we partner with. From hiring and training local people, to investing in children’s welfare, education and health.

 Tapping into alternative fuels and energy

We’re always looking for ways to be progressive in the way we approach power. One of the ways we do this is with generators designed to work with biodiesel.  And on gas rigs, we can reclaim and purify excess natural gas and use it to fuel generators. Looking to the future, we’re also developing renewable energies. These will include batteries and modular solar panels.




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