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How we make noise control more manageable with industry-leading equipment and specialist expertise

Expert partners for low-noise air conditioners

Low-noise air conditioners

Industrial air conditioning without the noise

Industrial-grade cooling doesn’t have to mean high noise levels. Our low-noise air conditioner range uses the latest in soundproofing to keep operating volumes down. They’re ideal for controlling temperatures at events and in quieter environments like data centres.

The entire industrial air conditioner product range is also designed to integrate effortlessly into your wider HVAC equipment, including our temperature control and air-handling accessories. So you can create a bespoke HVAC system that’s quiet, efficient, and ready for even the most demanding settings.

Noise-control industrial air conditioners

From 50 kW to 200 kW, our compact low-noise units offer an effective solution where space is limited. And they’re all designed to maximise efficiency and control environmental conditions with low electrical input.

Our low-noise air conditioners are trusted for a wide variety of applications, from temperature control in refineries to temporary air conditioning for events or in emergencies. Many customers also use Aggreko for backup air conditioning at short notice.

We also bring the advantage of having expertise across power, temperature control and more – so we can help you create a complete package of equipment for just about any scenario.