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Power Projects

An evolving sector, a dedicated partner, a sustainable future

As the changing landscape within petrochemicals and refining continues to develop, the need to decentralise power demand and decarbonise plant operations is increasing as the Energy Transition and the commitment to it by Operators grows.

Are you confident your facilities power is the best it can be? Scrutinising how you power your operations might be a low priority, however your approach could be outdated already. Luckily for you, it’s our biggest area of expertise.

Rapid deployment of multi-MW power stations and long-term independent power producer (IPP) solutions are examples of typical approaches to transforming plant operations. Accountability with this is also paramount – we strive to continually maintain lower levelised cost of energy (LCOE) making sure that this is our concern, not yours.

As Power specialists we can use a wide range of fuels for power generation including:

  • Natural Gas Power
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) to Power
  • Standby or emergency Diesel/Gas power
  • Hybrid power incorporating battery storage and solar
  • Flare gas to Power

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Power Projects - Energising the Downstream industry

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Power should not limit operations - make it work for you

Plant operations are volatile – incurring fines for flaring waste products and grid restrictions limiting production because of existing confined utility contracts. Unplanned maintenance could see huge monitory loss with existing power limitations. But, by partnering with us, we make your power work for you.

Decentralising your power, puts you in complete charge of your operations. Repurposing your waste for power can be smart move for both you and the planet.

We offer both long or short-term solutions to your power challenges, where the blueprints of success remain our fast mobilisation, including set up, delivery and commissioning as a standard. With fast deployment comes shutdown reductions, decreasing cost and secured peak shaving opportunities.

Our solutions will support you in an area of expertise you may find hard to navigate. You are not alone, let us guide you proficiently by stepping up to deliver results that impact.

Don’t get caught out by change, let Aggreko be your partner for tomorrow with our unmatched efficiency and reliability.

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